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  • How far does the anchor post screw into the seabed?

    The anchor is screwed into the seabed aprox 3.5 meters down.

  • What if there is not enough sand depth to screw into?

    We can provide our mooring in a Bag system to attach to a regular sinker/ dump weight. This way you will be able to still moor in the area without causing a scour.

  • How much of the mooring is sticking up above the seabed?

    The top of the mooring is screwed into the seabed until only the eye is above the ground level. This can be varied according to local conditions or vessel owner requirements.

  • Is there any risk that my boat will hit any of the boats moored around it on chain moorings?

    The Seagrass Friendly Moorings have the same or smaller swing area than a dump weight mooring so your boat will not come into contact with the boats around you.

  • What happens during a storm?

    The way the Seagrass Friendly Mooring is set up the first pulling motion happens with a low force to place the boat in slight tension against the shock absorber, further wind gusts and wave action then will push the boat backwards with the shock absorber pulling out to dampen the load.

  • But the shock absorber only moves out 600mm, my chain mooring moves back over 1 ½ meters before it pulls up, how is the new system better?

    The more your boat is able to travel before pulling up tight on a chain mooring the more inertia it generates and the more load the mooring has to stop. It is the same principle as trying to push a locked door open or getting a run up at it.

  • Can my Seagrass Friendly Mooring shift?

    The screwed in place anchorage is by far the most secure mooring available and will not shift. If one of our "Mooring in a Bag" systems is attached to a dump weight then it will be subject to the same amount of possibility of movement in a storm as current moorings.

  • Is a scuba diver needed to install or to service this type of mooring?

    No, the Seagrass Friendly Mooring system has been designed so that it can have the installation and servicing done from a work barge. We have found however that we can service the Seagrass Friendly Moorings far more quickly and cost effectively by diving on them. This also is more environmentally friendly way to service the moorings as the area is not disturbed during removal and re-installation.

  • I normally do my own mooring servicing, can I still service my own mooring if I use one of these?

    Yes you can. We have a closed loop process where you can do a simple training module, buy an exchange serviced shock absorber, a check list and carry out your own mooring service.

  • How often do I need to service my Seagrass Friendly Mooring?

    We recommend that the mooring is serviced on an annual basis the same as your existing mooring.

  • What if I accidently cut the mooring line?

    We record the gps location of the mooring when it is installed plus the mooring line, unlike chain, does not sink into the seabed so it is more easily recovered.

  • Why should I use this mooring

    • This mooring has been tried, tested and proven to be the best mooring available.
    •  It has been subjected to Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering studies.
    • It has survived storms, cyclones and continual battering from wind and wave actions in varied locations where all other types have been failing for years.
    • It is easier to use than a chain mooring, no longer do you need to lift a heavy chain up to get the rope onto your cleat.
    • And importantly it is guaranteed with full insurance coverage.

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